About us


Located in the very centre of Gliwice, BRG has been on the market since 2001. Thanks to our many years’ experience in bookkeeping, we can offer a fully professional service.  As we speak English, our customers include not only Polish companies, but also those with foreign capital, operating in numerous branches of the economy.


Each and every customer’s needs are at the heart of what we do – our cooperation with you is based on searching for the best possible solutions, which guarantee tax security.


Reliable bookkeeping is essential for the smooth operation of any business. We focus on the accuracy of registering events and review each document meticulously.


In the case of an audit, the tax payer is not involved in any way – we represent you in front of the auditing body based on the power of attorney you grant us.


We are trustworthy and guarantee our customers utmost discretion.







We cooperate with companies rendering the following services:

-         Loans for business activity and personal loans

-         Health and Safety as well as Fire regulations

-         Debt recovery



BRG has a wide selection of services on offer for any type of business activity. We provide a complex package of services essential for smooth company operation. We offer the following services:

  • Bookkeeping services for commercial law companies and natural persons,
  • Running revenue and expense ledgers,
  • Running flat-rate registers,
  • Payroll and social insurance contributions (ZUS) settlement

Bookkeeping services for companies and natural persons include:

  • Drawing up principles for bookkeeping policies,
  • Drawing up company accounts schemes and their implementation,
  • Entries in synthetic and analytic register (including document assignment),
  • Calculating monthly income tax contributions,
  • Registering VAT – calculated and due,
  • Drawing up VAT declarations in accordance with specimens and submitting them to the IRS (US),
  • Drawing up obligatory financial reports for the Chief Statistical Office (GUS)
  • Drawing up depreciation plans and running registers of fixed assets, as well as non-material and legal values,
  • Drawing up annual declarations based on data resulting from book entries,
  • Closing the financial year of a given business unit from the tax and legal perspective, including drawing up a balance sheet, profit and loss account as well as additional information,

In the scope of revenue and expense ledgers and flat-rate registers we:

  • Make entries in revenue and expense ledgers or flat-rate registers,
  • Run equipment registers,
  • Draw up fixed asset depreciation plans and run registers of fixed assets, as well as non-material and legal values,
  • Calculate the amount of monthly income tax contributions,
  • Run VAT registers and draw up VAT declarations,
  • Draw up annual tax declarations

In the scope of payroll and social insurance (ZUS) contributions we:

  • Draw up payrolls and invoices for civil law contracts,
  • Run registration and settlement documentation of employees and contractors for the purpose of social insurance (ZUS) settlement,
  • Run personal revenue cards of employees,
  • Draw up employee annual tax declarations - PIT-11, PIT-40


Entrust your business to us and save yourself time, money and stress.




O firmie

Nasze biuro mieści się w samym centrum Gliwic. Firma istnieje na rynku od początku 2001 roku. Dzięki długoletniemu doświadczeniu w prowadzeniu księgowości możemy zaoferować pełny profesjonalizm w świadczeniu usług.

Wśród naszych klientów są firmy zarówno polskie, jak i z udziałem zagranicznym (prowadzimy również obsługę w języku angielskim), działające w różnych dziedzinach gospodarki.

Każdego klienta traktujemy indywidualnie, dostosowujemy się do jego potrzeb, a nasza współpraca opiera się na poszukiwaniu najlepszych rozwiązań zapewniających bezpieczeństwo podatkowe.


Dane kontaktowe

Biuro RachunkoweBiuro Rachunkowe BRG
Małgorzata Pawlak

ul. Zygmunta Starego 13
44-100 Gliwice

tel.kom:  691 721 020
e-mail: brg@brg.pl